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Hello, My name is Jesse!


I am 11 years old and I was born may 27th 2005 . I have a Mom and Dad who care about me (Obviously), I have 2 little sisters that are named Alexi and Chloe, I have a little 1 year old brother named Andrew and there is another brother on the way (My parents are also divorced).   I live in Southern California. My teacher is Miss Nichols  (http://missnichols.edublogs.org/) at Jane Addams Middle School, and I am also on team Yale. My favorite Class other than P.E is by far Math Class because I am really good at Math, i enjoy Math, and it is my last class of the day. My favorite two hobbies are sports and video games. my favorite sport is baseball. I am also VERY competitive.I can also solve a Rubix Cube and I love doing it.

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