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There are many children in the world who live in poverty and can’t afford to go to school. Education is not free in some countries like it is here.

These children are in need and can’t be supported by their families because they are also poor and may be suffering from famine.

Education is the only way out from poverty. Children need access to good schools, teachers, and materials.

Additionally, many girls around the world don’t have the right to go to school.

This is important because their families might have the money to pay for an education so they can gain the same knowledge as boys, but their countries might have gender inequalities and laws that keep girls from getting an education.

All children have a desire to follow their dreams, but many may not be able to because they are either going through poverty and hunger, or do not have the rights to go to school.

Enter CARE (the Cooperation of Assistance and Relief Everywhere). CARE is revolutionizing kids’ lives in many ways.

CARE is effective because they help out families in need in over 90 countries. This allows more children to go to school.

Giving more children the chance to get a good education will have a major impact on the world.

We want to convince you to join with CARE so they can continue to help others. CARE develops a stronger organization by gaining more members, so spread the word about CARE to help more families in need.

Think of your child being in a place of no education.

Although CARE helps many children and families, they can do even more with help from you!!

Now change the way a child lives by donating anything you can.

Every cent counts!! Spread the word and share this website on social media. We can use your help to change a child’s life.

Be the hero of a child today! – Education Presentation

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